• coaching is a partnership that strengthens and encourages you to explore the many possibilities life has to offer;
  • coaching supports you as you gain perspective, as you become more aware of your strengths and weaknesses, and as you understand your impact on others;
  • coaching provides clarity and accountability as you move toward what you desire for your life;
  • coaching guides you to discover the power of choice. 

I have experienced first hand the life transforming power of coaching, and I am inspired to partner with you as you make your own journey into life's possibilities.

Let's get started… call me at 919.604.2678
Email: griggins@nc.rr.com

Gina Riggins, Life & Relationship Coach
Member ICF (International Coaching Federation)

A lifelong North Carolina resident, my career background is in finance and accounting. My experience ranges from audit manager in a large public accounting firm, to finance officer in a community bank, to controller for a charter school. I have devoted myself to the great and fulfilling responsibility of raising two daughters, now seventeen and eleven. I am also privileged to count myself a wife, a sister, a daughter and a friend.

It is my heart for people, along with a great desire for each of us to achieve our fullest potential that called me into life coaching.  I have completed training with Coaches Training Institute, one of the world's premier coaching schools. 

Music lives in me, and I enjoy expressing it through piano. This is one of the ways I enjoy practicing my faith within a loving, local church community. As I enjoy the beach, the ocean's wide expanse energizes me as it reminds me of the abundant possibilities life has to offer each of us. As a gardener, seeing nature rebirth itself in spring reminds me that new growth is always just below the surface, waiting for us to clear away the old so we can blossom anew.


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